BotFactory SV2 PCB Printer

Print and assemble large, high-density Printed Circuit Boards faster than any third-party vendor and for less

The SV2 is our second-generation Desktop Circuit Printer, capable of printing multilayer circuits, dispensing paste onto pads, and pick-and-placing components onto the board.

We have taken all of the processes found in any PCB Factory and miniaturized them to fit within a package so small that it can fit between your computer and your oscilloscope. Simply export your Gerber files from any PCB Design tool and import them in SV2 - print circuit boards in minutes!

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Inkjet Conductive & Insulating Inks

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SV2 can inkjet print low-resistivity conductive inks and dielectric insulating inks to make Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) in minutes on a variety of stiff and flexible substrates.

SV2 sequentially prints conductive traces and insulating layers, building vias in the dielectric layer to interconnect layers.


​Print Technology ​Thermal Inkjet Printing
​Number of Inkjet Nozzles ​300
​Ink Types (curing method) ​Conductive (heat), Insulating (UV)
​Min. Trace Width ​8 mils [200 microns]
​Min. Pin Pitch ​SV2 – Starter: 24 mil [600 microns]
SV2 – Enhanced: 20 mil [500 microns]
SV2 – Professional: 16 mil [400 microns]
​Min. Via Dimension ​Diameter: 25 mil [600 microns]
Drill Size: 15 mil [400 microns]
​Max. Printable Area ​4.6" x 6" [117 x 152 mm] [X/Y]
​Conductive Ink Sheet Resistance ​40 mOhms/square
​Number of Layers ​1-2 (Starter & Enhanced) or 1-4 (Professional)
​Part attachment ​We recommend using our strong conductive epoxy. Soldering using the copper PCB rivet tool (sold seperately)
​Supported Formats GERBER RS-274X, . jpg, .png, .tiff, .bmp


Extrude conductive glues or solder pastes

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Lay down conductive glue or solder paste on printed or pre-fab boards in minutes using the Paste head.

SV2 takes eyesight and shaky hands out of the equation by precisely depositing on every pad.


Paste Technology​ Syringe Extrusion
Paste Types Conductive Epoxy and Solder Paste
Extruded Dot Size 8 mils [200 microns]
​Curing Method Heat
Supported Formats GERBER RS-274X, . jpg, .png, .tiff, .bmp

PCB Assembly

Extrude conductive glues or solder pastes

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Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA) can consume up to 80% of the entire cost of manufacturing an assembled PCB. In addition, a long back-and-forth can be required with the fab house to make sure they can source and place the parts.

SV2 can pick-and-place surface-mount components to rapidly assemble your board, using multiple vacuum tips that are automatically interchanged. SV2 also uses a camera and computer vision to make adjustments and pick and place the parts precisely.


PNP Technology​ Vacuum Pickup, Computer Vision, Automatic Tip Swap
Camera 5 MP, Upward Facing
Tray: Types Tape, Individual components
Tape Tray: Number of Slots x Tape Width 6 x 8mm tapes, 2 x 12mm, 1 x 16mm Cut Tapes
Tray: Parts loaded Max. 42 per batch
Min. Part Size 0603 [1608 Metric]
Max. Part Size 0.78” x 0.78” [20 x 20 mm]
Supported Formats Centroid file (text file describing Reference Designator, Footprint, X/Y location, and Rotation). The file can be generated by your CAD tool

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Other specifications



Max. Substrate Size 6" x 6" [152 x 152 mm] [X/Y]
Max. Circuit Size 4.6" x 6" [117 x 152 mm] [X/Y]
Heads: Weight Less than 1.1 lbs [500g] per head
XYZ Positioning Repeatability ± 2.76 mil [70 microns]
XYZ Positioning Resolution 0.39 mil [10 microns]

Without the Enclosure

​Frame: Size 16.5" L x 14" W x 17.5" H [42 x 35.5 x 44.5 cm]
Additional Clearance Req.                          3" [7.5 cm] in front, 4" [10 cm] in the back
Frame: Weight 30 lbs. [13.5 kg]
Shipping Box: Size 21.5" L x 17" W x 27" H [55 x 43.2 x 68.6 cm]
Shipping Box: Total Weight 50 lbs. [22.5 kg]

With the Enclosure

​Enclosure: Size 24.8” L x 17” W x 18” H [63 x 43 x 46 cm]
Additional Clearance Req.                  6” [15 cm] on the right
Enclosure: Weight 46 lbs. [21 kg]
Unit: Total Weight 81.5 lbs. [37 kg]
Shipping Box: Size 30” L x 28” W x 22” H [76 x 71 x 56 cm]
Shipping Box: Total Weight 106 lbs. [48 kg]


Power DC 24V 22A
Connection    Ethernet, Wi-Fi


​Installation ​None (Software runs on-board)
System Requirements Web browser (Platform-independent)
Recommended Browser              Firefox, Chrome
Offline Updates ​Available on demand (USB3.0)


Ambient: Operating 50-100F [10-40℃]            
Heat Bed: Operating 75-300F [25-150℃]
Heat Bed: Max             340F [170℃]

Ambient Operating Requirements

Ambient Temperature 50-100F [10-40℃]            
While operating without the enclosure                                                         Protect the work area from air flows
Avoid camera exposure to direct sunlight to improve the reliability of the Computer vision
Other Operation in a ventilated area recommended  

Product Documentation

Product documentation (including User Manual and SDS sheets) can be found in the Resource Page


  • 300 nozzles (instead of 12) with a much smaller drop size allowing for thinner lines
  • Larger ink capacity per cartridge
  • On-board cleaning station to automatically clean and maintain ink cartridges
  • Wider printhead, allowing for increase sweep and faster printing
  • Increased inkjet precision
  • Higher layer count


  • Pre-loaded single-part epoxy (no mixing required)
  • Micro-tip and micro-extrusion mechanism greatly increasing the dispensing resolution
  • On-board cleaning station to automatically clean the syringe tip


  • Tape tray holding SMT strips for assembling PCBs with large quantities of similar parts (i.e., LED arrays, panelized PCBs)
  • SV2 uses different tip sizes to adapt to the size of the part. Those tips are automatically interchanged
  • Much faster CPU for rapid image-processing and faster assembly


  • Metallic frame and denser, more compact heads for increased precision
  • Hot-swap mechanism to change the heads quickly and intuitively
  • 10x faster cooldown and heating of the work bed

Voltera V-One

  • Missing PCB Assembly
  • Spacing and Consistent Trace Thickness is difficult with Paste Extrusion for Traces
  • Limited to two layers

Nano Dimension DragonFly / Inkbit Vista

  • Missing PCB Assembly
  • 20x to 40x price of our SV2 Professional, with Similar Capabilities
  • 10x cost of materials compared to our own inks/pastes

PCB Milling Machines (LPKF, Wegstr, etc)

  • Missing PCB Assembly
  • Requires extremely flat surfaces to ensure useful milling
  • Limited to two layers

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