Flexible Electronics

The future of Electronics is finally affordable

Flexible electronics (aka flex circuits) are circuits printed on ultra-thin and flexible substrates. They will transform the way we make and use electronics: 

Bendable, Rollable, Foldable. Consumer devices are becoming smaller, smarter, and more integrated. By flexing during its use or taking the shape of the device it goes into, flex circuits have a big impact in markets such as wearable tech, IoT, displays, instrument panels, medical devices, cellular telephones, connectors, etc.

Lightweight, Portable. Did you know that 77% of the weight of a circuit board is in the substrate? Flex circuits are built on lightweight materials such as Kapton to give it resilience and flexibility while dramatically reducing its weight.

Flexible Electronics is rapidly growing and is currently estimated at $26Bn. The biggest barrier to mass adoption are the high cost of manufacturing and the difficulty to assemble flex circuits.

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