BotFactory's Impactful Presence at Defense TechConnect 2023

Showcasing Innovation in Defense Technology with BotFactory's SV2

BotFactory Inc., Afnan Islam

At Defense TechConnect 2023, a key event for national security technology, BotFactory, led by Dr. Georgios (George) Kyriakou, received one of the best innovation awards. Dr. Kyriakou's presentation on the SV2 Printer showcased its significant impact on 3D-printed PCB technology and its applications in defense.

The judges were notably impressed by the SV2 Printer's alignment with defense sector requirements. They recognized its ability to resolve challenges unique to defense technology, such as keeping design in-house and enabling rapid iterations. The technology facilitates in-situ monitoring of PCBs, proving crucial in rapidly prototyping in hazardous conditions.

Reflecting on the event, Dr. Kyriakou stated, "Engaging with the judges at Defense TechConnect to demonstrate the SV2 Printer's potential was invaluable. Receiving this award is a true testament to our team's dedication."

BotFactory's presence at the event was highlighted by interactions at their booth, managed by Dr. Kyriakou and Dr. Afnan Islam, focusing on the SV2 Printer's efficiency in producing 3D-printed electronic circuits.

This award at Defense TechConnect 2023 symbolizes a significant milestone for BotFactory, celebrating its innovation in 3D PCB printing technology and setting the stage for future advancements.