BotFactory July Newsletter

BotFactory Inc., Carlos Ospina

Since we got back to NY after Maker Faire Bay Area we've been busy building and shipping - we've divided ourselves between improving the software and machine building (see our Technical Updates for more info). Significantly we've picked up a bunch of orders for Squink, which means circuit printing is going to be a little bit easier for more people than ever this Summer! By the way, you know we're selling Squink right now for $2,999? Check out our store to get yours! 

We went to Makerbar ( in Hoboken, NJ to show off Squink to local makers. We're hoping to do more events in NJ and NY over the next few weeks, maybe even bring people into our space. We're also doing a number of design challenges with a lot big names - more news to come when we're ready to share!

Technical Update:

  • Pick-and-Place speed upgrade - we came up with a very clever hack to increase the speed to about 4-6 parts per minute, a 40% increase over last month! In addition we've made a tweak to the suction system so Squink can lift even heavier parts than before - we've had promising results lifting a SOIC-24 chip.
  • We are experimenting with new conductive glues that adheres better to our substrates
  • Added a diagnostic script for Quality Analysis, allowing us to test every single part of the machine when it’s booted for the first time. 
  • Changes to toolhead design so we can use a nicer looking DB25 cable, without sacrificing that sporting, vintage look!
  • Improvements to Linear Actuator on Gluehead.
  • Shifted 3D printing production to a Printer farm in Brooklyn to cope with sales demand. Still cheaper than injection molding! 
  • Minor tweaks to Enclosure design
  • Minor tweaks to cable design, switch-placement, etc.

Here's a little light strip we made - very flexible and durable! Printed, glued then assembled the entire design with Squink and then cut it to shape.Lead Engineer Andrew (Right) explaining to a few @Makerbar ( members how Squink works.Practicing our stenciling skills to up our street cred. And our packaging-fu.

An ongoing project of ours to make a flexible DC-DC boost convertor to resurrect any battery from the dead! (