Squink and Sync

BotFactory Inc., Carlos Ospina

Recently we had the pleasure of working with CRATED, a design consultancy and R&D lab, on a really cool project: Sync. Sync is a "VJ Shirt." It responds to audio stimuli by pulsing LEDs, in other words, it's a shirt that flashes to the beat of really loud tunes!

LEDs pulsing in Sync, the VJ shirt

Why did CRATED want to work with us? Besides our charm, I think it was because we can print on light-weight and flexible substrates like paper and coated plastic which are perfect for wearables; seriously, have you ever tried keeping a standard PCB in your shirt? (it's not very comfortable.) Second, they wanted to create it in 24 hours which is a somewhat aggressive schedule. Luckily, Squink prints pretty quickly so we had time to test a few different designs.

We had a blast working with CRATED and can't wait to see what they do next. You really should check out CRATED's website and their page on Sync, the VJ Shirt.